How to stay safe in the sun

As summer draws nearer and the sun is (hopefully) out more, it’s time to learn about sun safety. Being out in the sun is good in many ways, but – as it often is with good things – too much of it can actually be harmful.

Here are 5 quick tips on how to stay safe in the sun!

1. Use sunscreen

Sunscreen helps protect the skin from burning. Make sure you have a high sunscreen factor for best protection. Remember to apply it everywhere!

2. Find shade

Sitting in the shade will give you the same positive effects of sunlight as if you were sitting in the direct sunlight, but reduces the amount of harmful sunrays.

3. Cover up

Wearing a hat or a shirt will help protect you from the sun and burning. Don’t forget sunglasses!

4. Know your skin

Every person’s skin type is unique. It’s important to know your skin, so you know how much it takes to burn and how much sunscreen factor you need to use.

5. Don’t burn!

Burning your skin increases the risk of skin cancer, and it’s important not to let your skin become too exposed to sunlight!