Meet the Bees: Tiago Vila Verde, Software Engineer

Meet Tiago Vila Verde the software engineer who describes himself as “the guy with the funny stories and weird toys”.

– I’m very much a “Yes” person, the guy that will say “yes” to something and then actually do it, rather than just sit back and laugh about how fun it’d be to do that. I guess I feel it’s better to do something and regret it than to not do it and wonder “What if?”, he explains.

Tiago is originally from Portugal, and ended up in Sweden last year when he started working for Trialbee. His time at Trialbee has so far been a joy.

– Yeah, it’s been a blast. It’s fun observing the differences between working in Portugal and Sweden, he says, and continues:

– The other bees are an eclectic mix of different nationalities and personalities.

When asked what he actually does at Trialbee, he laughs and says:

– I sit in front of the computer screen and pretend to type in some software code every now and then.

When he’s not busy coding, Tiago likes to travel.

– Travelling is one of my biggest interests. When I’m not doing that, I’ll be out and about finding a way to keep boredom at bay, he says.

Talking about inspirations in life, Tiago explains that it’s not so much people that inspires him. 

– For me it’s more the actual experience or action that matters, rather than the person’s ideals. So I can find skydiving inspiring, but not really the skydiver, he says.