Meet the Bees: Eric Hong, Customer Project Manager

Who are Trialbee? No need to wonder any longer! Our article series “Meet the bees” is here to introduce the people at Trialbee. First up is Eric Hong, Customer Project Manager.

Eric Hong is one of Trialbee’s Customer Project Managers. He’s responsible for managing Trialbee’s customer projects, and ensuring that they are well-planned and run smoothly.

Originally from Canada, Eric is finding life in Sweden somewhat similar to life in his home country.

– Hockey, cold winters, and great beer: there are many similarities between Sweden and Canada. But, there are also a lot of differences and things I find strange about Sweden. I won’t get into my growing list of strangeness though! says Eric.

Working at Trialbee has been an extremely positive experience for Eric, and he explains that so far in his career, it has been his favourite place to work. Mostly, that is thanks to the “fun and warm atmosphere” in the company:

– Nowhere have I felt more welcomed, worked with such a friendly and supportive team, and felt like I could really be myself and express who I am, Eric says, and continues:

– I believe for that to happen you need the right people and culture, and we have that here at Trialbee. I get to try different things and contribute in areas outside of my main role. It really feels like one big family.

In his spare time, Eric enjoys playing and watching basketball, travelling, spending time at the beach, and biking around in Malmö.

– I like to have a good time and laugh, but I also enjoy sitting down with a good book.

When asked about people who have inspired him in life, Eric explains that he finds motivation in entrepreneurs and individuals who believe in what they’re doing.

– Those people take things to great heights despite everyone doubting them. Their determination, braveness, and ability to see big things all the way through despite bone-crushing obstacles really inspires me, he says.