Childhood Cancer Awareness: 4 Things to Know

Did you know that around 1% of all cancer diagnoses are childhood cancers?

September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and we are proud to join in and spread awareness about childhood cancers.

Did you for example know about these 4 important facts about childhood cancer?

1. It’s the number 1 cause of death by disease in children
2. Every day, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer
3. The most common type of cancer in children is leukemia
4. Childhood cancer is not the same as cancer in adults,
and needs different treatments

The importance of supporting research

During the last 50 years, great advancements have been made in the treatments of childhood cancer. These advancements have led to higher survival rates. Today, more than 80% of all children diagnosed with cancer survive five years or longer. In the ’70s, this number was below 60%.

We think that research about childhood cancer is very important, and we hope that the survival rates can be much higher in the future. More research means that better treatments can be found, which is vital both for children with cancer and their loved ones.

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